May 2016:  ABNZ formed

June 2016:  :  Initiation of assessment of the US market inclusive of products & markets.

August 2016:  Assessment of closed herd versus the NZ herd. Discussions open with Silver Fern Farms.

Nov 2016:  Development of hide collagen process

Nov 2016:  Engagement with Massey University

February 2017:  Review of market assessment

April - September 2017:  Engagement with Ministry of Primary Industry, Callaghan Innovation, investment firms, Sprout Agritech

October 2017:  Grant awarded by AgMardt, discussions openned with NZ Life Science Hikurangi, due diligence commenced

 November 2017:  Partnership finalised with NZ LS Hikurangi. ABNZ shortlisted to present to SproutAgritech

December 2017:  ABNZ selected by SproutAgritech for the 2018 cohort

May 2018:  Trials commence to produce Type I collagen from hides. Key metrics: Manufacturing process, product quality & yield. Comparison to market samples.

August 2018:  Report received that confirmed our process for collagen extraction. Results demonstrated we meet product purity and we exceeded yield.