Collagen for the US wound care market

Collagen powders represent a key ingredient in the supply of biomaterials to the wound care sector.

ABNZ will initially provide collagen powders and through its development partners will develop enhanced wound products.

Commercial supply of powders is anticipated for 3Q 2019 with further products delivered to market over a 5 year period.

FDA regulations

ABNZ acknowledges the increased sensitivity to the quality of biomaterials entering health care sectors.

ABNZ is abreast of guidelines introduced by US FDA in 2014 and 2016 for medical devices and xenotransplant materials controls for herds have been described.

FDA Reference material:

NZ is blessed as an island nation and agriculture lies at the heart of the NZ landscape.

NZ has no history of BSE (Mad Cow Disease) and coupled with regulated quality controls by the Ministry of Primary Industry provides the logical location to source biomaterials.

ABNZ provides a safe supply chain option for parties in the US wound care sector who are concerned ensuring their supplies meet current and future requirements.

Reports on efficacy of Collagen

Collagen is well regarded for its active healing properties.

Reports suggest that improvements in healing time of the order of 30% are achieved where collagen materials are compared against conventional wound care products.

Healing is improved where growth factors are added to provide an enhanced
healing device.